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Ebay Dilemma

I recently purchased (or so I thought) something on Ebay to finish off a project I've been working on. Payment was made immediately at auction end and I anxiously awaited delivery of the final part I needed. When I came home from work, in my email inbox was a Paypal refund from the seller and a second email explaining that one of their mechanics had scavenged parts off of what I won and the seller was refunding my money and asked me to cooperate in their filing of a "buyer/seller mutually agree to end transaction" (or whatever Ebay calls it). I responded by saying that I wasn't happy and that their screwup caused me to miss out on other auctions (that I passed up in favor of theirs) where I might have gotten what I wanted - never got a reply from the seller.

My dilemma is this: I am not happy with what happened and I am not happy that the seller didn't even try to make it right, e.g. offer to substitute an equivalent or better item and I don't want to go quietly into the night - I want to feel like I was treated fairly. On the other hand, the seller is obviously not into customer service so I don't trust them if they were to come back with an offer now to resolve things. Do I cooperate under duress or ignore the request to agree to end auction or file a complaint with Ebay?
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