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The point that it may help keep quill stems from seizing has some merit. The inside of the steerer and the headset are on opposite sides of a steel tube, so this has nothing to do with the headset.

I thought the quill stem seizing thing had more to do with the space between the stem and the steerer above the wedge, since there has to be clearance there.

In general, I'd rather have the inside of the steerer and the inside of the seat tube get wet, then be able to dry out than seal them up. I don't think either would rust to the point of failure ever, at least not before other parts of the frame made it a moot point. Even if it were a concern, on cars the rusty spots are always where trim attached, or where something was bolted to the sheet metal such that dirt and moisture get trapped up in there. It doesn't really matter, but since we're discussing it... I'm against it.
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