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Good advice above, and perfectly normal behavior for a 1.5 year old. Just keep and eye on thing, if it happens too often, then maybe look for another sitter.
I take it this is your first? Get used to it, bump and brusies, and cuts are part of growing up.
My son went to full time day care, he had a bad habit of running full speed and looking in another direction, the result is not hard to figure out. The worst was when they called and told me about one incident. When I picked him up(it was a good place I trusted thier assement), he had a lump on his head that looked like half an egg had been glued on. And it doesn't matter who is watching the kid either. My Mother watched my son a few days a week, one day sitting at my desk my pone ring. It's my mom, she says "I just want to let you know I got the bleeding stopped, but I'm taking him to the doctor anyway, bye" click. WTF!?!? Twenty minutes later, the doctors office called, "You have to meet your mother and son at the plastic surgens office son you can sign the papers for the surgery". It turned out to be a long night.
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