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Originally Posted by chipcom View Post
Have you people been wearing your helmets for too long? It's a freakin head injury...on a baby no less. You take her to the doctor and have her checked out, period.
Thank you Chip - I was thinking the same thing.

Because I tend to be paranoid... I would also be very cautious and watchful about a child in day care that gets hurt. Does this person watch too many kids? Is the property unsafe? My thoughts, this young mother has way too much on her plate and first priority will be her own children, not yours.

Sorry for throwing in the nasty stuff but I just hate the thought of a young child in the care of another mother who can barely watch her own children. Does your child crawl or walk yet? How did she fall? Question the mother about all that.

BTW - the mother should be paying for the medical treatment. She I hope is a licensed day care worker and has insurance. If not, she should have Homeowner's medical coverage for such a thing.

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