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Originally Posted by RubenX View Post
Kids bump into things all the time. Given that it's a young baby, I'll take it to the ER to check it out.

TIP: Go to a good ER who has x-ray equipment. Otherwise you'll might end up doing multiple trips between medical facilities till tomorrow morning.

But don't worry to much yet. Kids are 90% rubber.
Sure it's probably nothing, but you don't mess around with thwacks to the head. If ya got insurance, take her to an urgent care facility or clinic - better safe than sorry. If you don't have insurance, just call 911 and let my tax dollars pay for a nice EMT to check her out. I'd much rather foot the bill for a kid's noggin than for pork-n-bombs.

Of course I'm only a grandpa, we ain't supposed to know anything about kids.
Crap, the union is gonna kick my ass for being a blabber mouth.
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