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Originally Posted by DougG
Anyone have any experience doing something like this?
-- Doug
I ride with my GPS V all the time. I tried using Garmins Forerunner 201 because it was smaller but found that it is not compatible with Garmin's MapSource software and the tiny little program that comes with the Forerunner is glitchy. So I went back to the GPS-V. The GPS-V does have more mass to it but have never had any problems with it. The GPS-III versions had an accessory battery spacer that went between the pairs of batteries. Apparently, Garmin found that if a big enough jolt was given to the receiver the batteries could separate from their contacts and momentarily glitch the power. I haven't had this problem with the GPS-V. The only real problem I've had with the GPS-V is with the Garmin mounts for this style of receiver. The clip that goes onto the receiver body is OK and the clamp that goes onto the handle bars is OK, but where these two (Garmin) pieces slide/connect together is really weak. After ejecting my receiver from the slide/clip one time, I started wrapping that joint with velcro strap to keep it from sliding apart.
The data I like to monitor from the receiver is Speed, Avg Speed, Distance (odometer), Time Total, and Time Moving. The track function is also used to show a map of where I rode.

BTW, did you see the new Garmin Forerunner 301 with the heart monitor feature?


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