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Originally Posted by Zero_Enigma View Post
I don't frequent the MTB threads here often as I'm normally in the Commuting or Electronics forums. Can you URL link me to that 50+ guy? Wow

Well It would be nice to see some 60yr old doing wheelies and some trials stuff. I've recently gotten some downtime from the economy crash and wanted to try things I did not do when I was younger. Skatebording is one. Had a dream where I saw Tony Hawk skateboarding (albiet it a bit more protected for reasons) when he's 60 with grey/white hair sometime this month. Cool dream but then again the guys been riding for years.

Perhaps I should note some things about my skills so others can probably guage a little on the learning curve thing for me.

-I can ride a bike no problems.
-I can't really track stand but can hold the bike still for about 3-5seconds.
-I can lift the front wheel while riding but not pull off a sustained full lift or a wheelie.
-I don't think I have problems balancing my bike.
-I can semi bunny hop if I was clearing a small pothole by lifting my front wheel but I can't quite lift the rear wheel whch I always roll over the obsticles on the back wheel.

I'm thinking of buying a cheap craigslist or department store bike for my learning then bashing up a ~$3000 bike. Oh man.... I -love- D.Mac (THE MAC!! ) and Leech . I got a bunch of trails videos on my ipod itouch and D.Mac always blows me away. Now if D'arcy Turrene would do trials..... . Speaking of females and trials I don't think I've seen any at all on Youtube. Any names you guys know of or better yet URL link me to videos of female trials riders? I think I saw one or two on Youtube before but one I remember was wheelie'ing on BMX bike which well probably isn't trials.

Oh yah the Thinkbike guys are awesome as well as countless people I've seen in Youtube
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