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Japanese 1972 Sekine Touring Bike

I recently aquired a nice 1972 Sekine. It features the traditional rhinestone badge, is made in japan, features "world finest bicycle by Sekine" on bottom tube. a sticker features the Sekine crest, distributed by Beacon Bicycle, Chorme-Molydenum Tubing. Front and back derailers are Suntour, front also says Spirt. The gear stems also read suntour. cranks are by Maxy and the date stamp matches for 1972, which is how i was able to date the bike. Also included original leather touring seat and a rear rack. model number is w76739. Also interesting is a quick release lever on the headset which also reads suntour and pretty cool custom lugs on tubing.
i have read that only the lower end SAB model includes rhinestone headbadge while better models had ornate badge. however, no pre 73 japan Sekine had ornate badge and the lower end canadian models did not have ChromeMoly
Does anyone know such information as what the model this bike was and what it was likely to have sold for in America in the early 70s and today if in good condition.
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