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I found this monster in the automotive section of Meijer for $12.99. It's made in China
by/for some outfit calling itself CMI. The construction is of decent quality, and it's just
amazingly bright. 15 LEDs face outward, plus 2 aimed sidways (17 total). It uses 4 AA
batteries, and claims 50 hours run time. Continuous "on" and two different blink cycles.
It has clip on the back, similar to bike-specific blinkies, plus a metal loop or prop for standing
on the ground. The back is covered with "refrigerator magnet" material so it will stick to
a disabled car's sheet metal. The moisture seals appear to be of good quality. Now I gotta
figure out how to secure it to my commuter's rear rack. It's approx 12cm x 8cm x 4cm deep.
That's 4.7" x 3" x 1.5" for Americans.

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