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Originally Posted by Dougmt
I could have used one today. I was riding on old hiway 101 on the coast here and took an off road. Went several miles but had to turn around because while I knew the road hooked back with 101 somewhere I had no idea how far....
I won't leave the house without my GPS and consider it one of the best purchase I've made since I started cycling. I've been able to avoid highways and ride on slower roads thanks to my GPS. People think GPS's are expensive but have you purchased maps lately? I'm holding a street map of Monmouth County, New Jersey and it cost me $3.95. If I wanted to buy the entire state of New Jersey, we're talking about 20-30 dollars! Then I have to carry these maps every time I'm out because I never know when I'm going to need them. OH.. If I decide to head to New York City, I would need to buy MORE maps! Can you imagine how many street maps I would have to buy if I wanted to tour other states? Sure I can buy a regular highway map but then I'd be limited to riding fast freeways were the cars are traveling 55mph and more!

When you do get lost, you can spend a load of time just trying to find your exact location on the map. The GPS liberated me from having to carry paper with me forever. I don't even know all the features of the device and I've had it for nearly two years! It's not necessary. The fact that I can no longer get lost has made the device invaluable.
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