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Originally Posted by MadMan2k

There doesn't seem to be a website link in your profile, and in your latest post the word 'website' was only underlined... Where's the goddang pics

If you want to go to my website all you had to do was ask: .

I wasn't going to post the link until I had some more done on it but everyone seems to be anxious about something so there you are. Just a warning though, I havn't been able to get hardly any work done on it at all so it doesn't have much on it. It's still pretty cool though, at least to me. I made all of the background images in paint. I know I'll probably get some insults about it sucking or something of the sort, but I'm prepared for it. And the reason I underlined 'website' is because I wanted to be sure everyone knew that I wasn't going to post the pics here. That's all.
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