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Brake setup.

Ok, most of you know that I got a new frame, but I need to redo the entire rear brakes. I already have the gyro cables and a gyro, but I don't have the brake cables to go to the back brakes, and I don't have the brake or London Mod yet. But I'm already planning on getting some Odyssey Evolvers and that comes with a London Mod, so that's all covered. Now I need to solve my brake cable problems, and this is where I'm stumped. I know I need to get new brake cable, but the brake cables come in 60 inch lengths, and that is going to be way too long. But, at the ends of the brake cable housing (the part that protects and seals the brake wire) there is usually a metal cap with a hole in it where the wire comes out. Well, how are you supposed to trim the cable/wire length?! Wouldn't cutting off that metal cap be a bad thing? And if you do have to trim the plastic part and cut the metal cap off, is there some way to put that metal cap back on the edge after you're done trimming? Or does it even need to be on there? Thanks!
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