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if your doing the duel lower cable/london mod thing, order two Slic Cables. they are dirt cheap. 3.99 at Dans. haha..

the metal cap slips on and off so you can cut the cable housing to length, then slip the cap back on. most cables, the cap is crimped on and is a pain to get on and off. so go with the slic cables.

to cut the cables and housing, first pull the cables out of the housing. cut the housing to length, slide the metal caps on, lube them (order some lube when you order the cables, and a spare tube, patch kit, tire etc to help keep shipping costs down..)
then slide the cable into the housing and attatch them to your brake arms.

then cut the cables to length. I like to leave a bit extra, just incase.. make sure you put some ends on the cables so they don't fray and get all crappy on the ends.

for what it's worth, I left the metal cap off my cables for YEARS. mainly because they were allways crimped on and didn't want to come off easily....
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