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Originally Posted by MadMan2k
Fly, if I might make a suggestion...
Complicated backgrounds tend to be kind of distracting when I'm trying to read text, it draws the viewers eye away.
- That image is cute, but if you can present your artwork more subtly before getting into the pages with lots of text, its usually best.
The trick tips section is nice, but you might look into a darker background color with a light font, and possibly a san-serif font for the text.

On the 'maintenance' page, the image you chose has the 'danscomp' text all over it. They realized people would use their images in pages, and put the text so viewers would know where it comes from. If possible, use an image of your own, or give a disclaimer at the bottom (Image courtesy of Dan's Competition).

I haven't actually read through the maintenance section, but long blocks of text tend to turn people off from reading pages like that. Try to get some diagrams going, maybe some tables, bullet points, PARAGRAPHS (!!!).

The site will be nice, but it could use a bit of polishing up if you're not tired of working on it.

Ok, cool man, thanks for the suggestions. The reason why the maintenance section is so long is because dialing in your brakes and getting them to work perfectly can take some detailed explaining, thus the length of the tip on my site. I'm not exactly sure how to sum it up, but if I get an idea I'll try to use it. I know!! I could write the short summed-up version right above the lengthy one, and then say something like "If you want more details on this tip, read the section bellow" . That would work I think.
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