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Originally Posted by cowayes
Hey I just signed up for the forum and I am looking to start riding.

I am a student at Texas A&M and will be commuting back and forth to campus and want to start riding.

I dont know what kind of a bike to get so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Im looking to spend less than $500.

Thanks so much

No doubt you will soon be flooded with suggestions. You will find out, when you pose that question, "what kind of bike should I buy", everybody here has their biases and favorites. I myself, purchased a Fuji hybrid, specifically a Fuji Cambridge, last summer , a 2004 model, for $350 here in Kansas City. All the major manufactors have a hybrid catagory. You might go to the Fuji website, or Trek, or Raleigh. A friend of mine purchased a Raleigh hybrid about the same time that I did, and seems to be happy with it.
If you want to do a lot of serious bike rides, out of town, get a road bike. If you want to go downhilling in the mountains, of course get a mountain bike. But a hybrid is great for urban warriors like us, for commuting, going to work, and school, on urban bike trails. They usually have tires that resist a lot of broken glass and hazards found in the city, but the mountain bike tires are usually too slow for riding in the city. And the frames are not designed for everyday commuting. Too heavy and slow. But a hybrid can take a little more abuse than a rode bike. I like the handle bar twist shifters on my Fuji, and it has a good selection of gears to choose from. It has a really good low set of gears if you run into a lot of hills where you commmute from. Great 1st gear for waiting at traffic lights. Good luck.