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Originally Posted by invision
Hey flyboy i did everything it worked it stop making the noice i got the gyro stright. But now the brakes are hiting the wheels and I tryed adujusting the gyro cable barrel but only made it alittel better and the wire was really lose after i adjusted it. I asked my dad he said that since the breaks are not hitting it to much and the gyro isnt making any noice that i should just ride the brakes wore the breaks down from riding and it will be better.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by they're hitting the brakes. What part of the brakes is hitting the wheel? And what part of the wheel are they hitting? The rim or the tire? If you could be a little clearer and more specific then maybe I or someone else here could help you. I'm glad you got the gyro issue straightened out though. I think that it is kind of cool knowing that a tip that I posted on some cheap website of mine worked for someone! I'm glad it worked for you, you must know how to follow instructions! I'll wait to see what else you have to say about that tire rubbing thing, maybe we can figure it out.
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