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Have you been good?

On Dec 16th I took a fall skiing and broke my collar bone. It has been 8 weeks. I went to the doc on Wed for an xray and hopefully a release to resume all activities. The xray was taken and in walked the doc with a pretty inter at his side, she pokes at my shoulder and say "Have you been good?", my response was "Of course". The Doc said I was still only 75% healed but could try skiing again if I was careful, "Go out this weekend and let us know how itgoes and if you feel comfortable we will give you a full release". Well I looked him in the eye and said, "Does last Sat & Sun skiing the bumps with my daughter count?" The intern piped up and said, "You told me you had been good", my repsone "I'm always good, and getting better with age" as I gave her one of those smiles. They released me for full activities that day...
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