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workshop efficiency

I'm interested in efficiency, sometimes a little obsessive about it, and am always trying to make thing more efficient even if it is only for small gains. I imagine a lot of people on this forum are mechanics in bike shops, and I would like to begin a discussion on ways to make a a bike repair workshop more efficient.

To get the ball rolling, here are some ways I have identified to save time and energy in the workshop:

(1) Keep the bin within easy reach. For that matter, keep anything used frequently close to hand, and things rarely used out the way.

(2) Return things to the same spot every time to avoid hunting about.

(3) Over-organising tools can create more work rather than make life easy. Sometimes a system such as chucking small stuff in one drawer and large in another can be quite intuitive.

(4) Hide away tools that you have unnecessary duplicates of. They just create clutter.

That should be enough to get you guys thinking and generate some ideas....
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