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Originally Posted by phantomcow2 View Post
Very nice setup, Mechbgon. Compact, yet it looks highly organized -- I'm impressed.
Thanks, this is the overall layout (I'm crammed under a stairway):

I like seeing people modify their tools, as machining is a pretty serious hobby of mine. It's hard to tell from that video, but it looks like you're making use of an 8" acme screw with shaft collars. Is a thrust bearing between the surface of the shaft collar and the steel surface of the TS2?
It's the stock Park Tool cross-shaft, actually. The TS-2 shown there is old enough that it didn't come with roller bearings, but I bought PT's roller-bearing retrofit kit for that one. I've since upgraded to a TS-2.2 for shop use (it's more 29er-friendly) which inherited the flywheels. Still needs some break-in time to run as smooth as the TS-2, but this summer should be sufficient for that
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