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Some fine ideas here but in my case most of them aren't that useful to me because my shop has to support 4 to 6 different hobbies rather than just one. My various solutions to this multi role issue is to set up some limited number of duplicate tools. Common things like the wrenches and allen keys that are used for bicycles are installed on the tool/parts tray of my workstand. Plus I have a separate plastic toolbox that holds all the less frequently used bicycle tools So I can easily pluck it off the shelf and sit it open on one of my foot stools that is used as temporary staging spots and occasionally to sit on. Thus my tools are sort of stored in a modular fashion.

The work bench itself has it's own set of screwdrivers and allen keys along with other bench type tools. And yes, sometimes the duplication does get in the way but on the whole it save far more time than it costs.

I've got a similar setup for specialty tools used for paintball in another similar tool kit and yet another that goes out as a field kit for my model airplanes. Then there's the mechanics 3 drawer that has the metric tools, feeler guages and other stuff for working on my motorcycles and occasionally the truck. Each has some basics such as screwdrivers, allen keys, knives, electrical tape and other useful things in duplicate so that when I pull each out in turn to use it I don't have to rifle through some other kit or wald across the shop to where there's yet another on the wall way over there.

If my shop was dedicated to just one or two activities I would whole heartedly be setting up something such as I've seen in this thread and taking all the hints to heart.
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