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Originally Posted by Who What
Hey 2manybikes. Thanks for all the taillight tests. You made us see the light! :-)

I picked up your favourite Flare taillight at a Performance shop today ( for just 11 bucks.

I found the seat post clamp does not allow the light to be pointed horizontally. It can only be adjusted by 15' up or down, which is less than the angle on my seat post. So it points down to the street about ten feet behind my bike.

I guess there's no point having a light with a relatively narrow beam if you can't point it straight at the drivers. Did you have the same experience or did they change out the mounting bracket recently? On another thread I saw you custom made your own bracket. Was this for the same reason?
A "brilliant" observation.

Yes, I had the same problem and just took it apart and bolted it onto a reflector bracket. It was so easy and the light is so cheap and bright that I thought it was worth the trouble. I hope my other thread makes it easy to understand. All bike shops should have reflector brackets lying around. You should be able to get what you need for free.

When I first read about that light it was advertised in a British bike magazine and came with a bracket that did not have that problem. I also have seen it under other names with the "good" bracket. I thought it would come with it from performance. BLT sells it under another name with the better bracket. I even called Performance to explain, the explanation I got was use the flexible elastic bracket. That works for a while, but on a long ride the light sags down too.
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