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Originally Posted by mswantak
Side of the road!? I hate you already.

Well, hang on to your hat; anything the Carlton crew laid hands on in those days can be tough to get a specific date on. I've got a '72 Grand prix with a BB spindle that reads '2-73', and a crankset that should be on a '73 Super Course, and a '68 Grand Prix with an original paint job unmentioned in any catalog. Apparently the guys on the assembly line didn't spend a lot of time reading catalog specs.

But who cares? It's a trivial irritation. You found a great old bike and you're gonna love it.
Or, its too large and he's going to make some money selling it whole, or in parts.

Maybe, we're only getting part of the story..the part where, only an hour earlier, the guys in the back of his pickup turned that 2 x 4 out to the side to bump that tall guy off his bike. Shortly after the ambulance sirens faded, they went back down the road and guess what? There's a bike just sitting there... How's that for a truly suspicious and overactive imagination?
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