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Originally Posted by TimothyF View Post
Thanks to the OP! Ordered the 140 tail light and the 200 front. Both under 90 bucks each. Expecting delivery today. Soon as I figure out how to mount to my rack, I will be in business!
with regards to fitting to a rack look at this thread, 2nd post: and this is a response from the poster when I asked him to describe it:

To mount a Dinotte light, ideally you need something tube-shaped about the size of a seatpost or handlebar (which is what they are designed to mount on). So I mounted mine to some 1" PVC pipe since my seatpost is blocked by my Carradice bag. To attach the PVC pipe, I cut a slit down the side large enough so it would fit over the tubes in my Bagman rack. After doing that, I inserted a plastic wine cork in the PVC pipe to make it solid, and also cut a slit part of the way through it. Then I slipped the PVC pipe over the back of my rack and secured it with a couple of small hose clamps. The clamps keep the PVC pipe from rotating. Then I just use an O-ring that came with the Dinotte light to attach it.
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