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Originally Posted by khuon
For those who say they fear heights do you actually fear heights or fear falling? I think there's a difference.
Im not afraid of falling. I love the adrenalin rush when that happens like on a roller coaster or such. what I AM afraid of is that sudden stop at the end of a fall. I am deathly to the point of getting dizzy afraid of rising, like on a coaster,or when I have to go up the ladder to clean my gutters(3 story house). once I get up there Im fine. also Im afraid to lose my temper. Im like a person standing beside myself saying calm the heck down when I lose it. I get angry but fear not being angry responsibly and going nuts. bugs, spiders,snakes wildlife etc. are cool unless they startle me then its the fear of my temper all over again because I want to kill them. I was afraid of water as a kid due to almost drowning but my older brother cured that by beating the crap out of me in the water and doing the hold me under till I almost drown again thing. hes over 50 now and I can kick his arse! he wont go near the water now though so I dont get to. as you can tell by my posts I am not afraid to say dumb things or ask dumb questions. having kids helps a person get over a lot of fears
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