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I need to figure out what to do with my Tesch 101

(Actually I have 2 of them.)
My first wife bought me the red/white frameset as a present sometime before 1990. I've ridden it quite a bit, I've ridden it in around 20 years of the HotterThanHellHundred. At first I swapped over the components from my old bike but sometime in the early 1990's I upgraded everything to Shimano DuraAce. Unfortunately I managed to slightly crinkle the downtube where it goes into the lug at the head tube so I'm not riding it right now. (I'm not going to admit how I did that in order to protect the guilty.)

The white one I found in a local bike shop on consignment in 1992. For most of the time I've had it I rode it as a trainer and kept the red/white bike clean for use in rallies and so forth. When I bought the bike it had a mid-range Campy groupo on it. I've kept the hubs/crankset/headset but I upgraded the brakes/derailleurs/levers to Shimano Ultegra.

The first thing I'm trying to figure out is if it is worthwhile to have the red/white frame repaired and repainted. I'm guessing a minimum of about $800 for repair, decals and paint. I don't know what the bike would be worth if restored to original condition. There aren't a lot of Tesch frames out there and there certainly won't be any more made. I don't know if there is any market for a frame like this that looks good but is not in rideable condition, i.e. would a collector want it as-is and not ride it?

I don't ride a lot of miles these days, maybe 1500-2000 miles a year. Both of my wheelsets have freewheel style hubs, and I weigh about 220 at the start of riding season, so I have a problem with breaking axles. Plus my DuraAce hubs are pretty old and they have a lot of wear on the internal bearing races. So I probably need to build a new wheelset using freehub hubs. Right now both wheelsets have 7-speed freewheels, but one of the bikes might have 8-speed shifters. I've got to check on that. Either way I'd have to hunt up some old freehubs to use. If I had to upgrade the shifters and wheels on both bikes that would be pretty expensive, closer to the point of where I could buy a new bike.

There has been some benefit to having 2 bikes. Occasionally I get ready to ride and one bike is not ready so I just grab the other one and go. Flats, broken axles, dead cyclometers, stuff like that. Otherwise I would be OK with one bike. Of course I could sell them both and buy a new carbon or ti thing to ride like everybody else, and for awhile one new bike would be more reliable than my older bikes.
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