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Originally Posted by bjtesch View Post
The first thing I'm trying to figure out is if it is worthwhile to have the red/white frame repaired and repainted. I'm guessing a minimum of about $800 for repair, decals and paint. I don't know what the bike would be worth if restored to original condition. There aren't a lot of Tesch frames out there and there certainly won't be any more made. I don't know if there is any market for a frame like this that looks good but is not in rideable condition, i.e. would a collector want it as-is and not ride it?
You would have difficulty getting your money back out of a repair and repaint, IMO, which is often true with older bikes. There's really no market for it as a non-rider.
While Tesch has a great reputation as a builder that approaches minor cult status, his bikes (aside perhaps from the few true custom jobs) don't really command high prices. Yet another example where the market is simply not in lock step with the build quality. They're not common, but not super rare, either. And they do tend to ride very aggressively, which is not everyone's cup of tea.
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