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Raleigh Dawn Tourist? Help please!

I was hoping someone could help me identify my bike! I was given it on freecycle a year or so ago, covered in ivy and what have you as it had spent the previous 15 years leaning against the back of a barn... Surprisingly little effort later and it was a perfectly well functioning bike.

I have tried to identify it before, and decided it was either a Dawn Tourist or a Ladys Sports, but I am a bit crap at this sort of thing...
I will go and doublecheck the serial number in a minute, not that I am sure it will help much. If memory serves it was 1951 or 1953? Can't remember. In a couple of places you can see that the bike was once green, rather that the delightful shade of rust which it is currently. Obviously I have stuck a basket and bits on there... But other than the lights, basket and skirt guard thing, everything else is as it was when I got it.
Any help at all would be really appreciated!

ETA: Ok the serial number is for 1953, and the hub is AW.

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