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IDing a 70s Peugot Frame

So I have been holding onto this old road frame. I am relatively certain that it is an a-08 frame, due to a lack of chrome and the cottered cranks. I am looking to build it up, and I want to make sure of what frame model it is. I would hate to ruin a Px or even a U, but if its an a-08 I dont really care about removing the cable stays in order to make it a little cleaner.

I am also going to need to replace the bottom bracket and headset, any input on that would be greatly appreciated. Right now my plan is to strip the frame down, then either clear coat over bare steel or use gun bluing agent to darken it a bit.

The frame is pretty rusted up, but It doesnt look worse than surface deep, but I would like to get some opinions on how much I should trust the forks. They feel solid but they are probably the worst condition on the entire frame.

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