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Originally Posted by king*stink View Post
he told me to come take a look at it. I took the 45 minute trip up the highway. I got there and looked at the bike. The man said it was sold 20 minutes earlier and the buyer was coming back after it. A big waste of my time and a huge disapointment.

It was a mkII but it had the capella lugs. It was solid green. The lettering was the white. The original book was a 74 sc mkII. I thought only 73s had the capella lugs. Was it a carry over from 73 or something?

Anybody here have a frameset they want to let go? I have a full shimano 600 arabesque group that I think would look great on 1. Im a 32" standover
Oh that is such a bummer: If the seller told you to come, it is incumbent on him to show it to you before inviting another. (I had the same thing happen recently on a minty vintage Trek road bike.)

I just checked the 74 Raleigh MkII catalog, and to my surprise I learned that my Green SC (pictured earlier in this thread) is a '73 also, since it too has the Capella lugs...
The one the seller sold out from under you was an interesting transitional 74 bike, with 73 features on it. Kinda cool.

I cannot help you with a Frame, but as I stated in the preamble to this thread - SC's are still attainable for those of us who really want one. I don't think it will always be that way though - they are truly great bikes and will get discovered one day. - Except for the weight, I think the frames are virtual clones of the International, but if that weight makes a difference to you, a big portion of it can be dispensed with the substitution of any decent alloy crank.

- A

We will look forward to seeing yours one day soon
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