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Originally Posted by bibliobob View Post
What kind of brake hoods would've come on a '72? The white Carlton hoods? Anybody know where I can pick up a pair? I'm itching to get it on the road and that, along with an appropriate set of wheels, are my major roadblocks at the moment.

Also, anybody know size seatpost is proper? Since so many other parts on it have been changed out already, I'm inclined to switch to cotterless cranks and an alloy post.

Seatpost for 71-77 Super Course = 26.4mm (for Reynolds 531 straight gauge)

It would have had white Carlton hoods. These held up extremely well but I've not seen any for sale.

If you can't find the Weinmann wheels, consider Arayas as a cheaper, readily available substitute. The rims look pretty close.
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