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Originally Posted by Bikedued View Post
With the Deep sides, that looks like a B.15 Narrow? Nice find, I wish I had a green one. My black prugnat started life as a green one, but
the only traces I found were inside the BB, and the fork. They even stripped the steerer, but left a tiny ring near the crown race.,,,,BD

Oops, missed th B.17 narrow notation... Still a sweet looking saddle. Slather it with proofide, top and bottom.. Do that several times, then rub the finish out.
Maybe even some neutral color Meltonian leather polish for good measure. I've brought back a few that look like yours, and they're usually perfectly
fine once treated, and ridden a while.
Thanks....the color and the saddle are what led me to make the may very well be a B15's just worn off enough on the side to not be able to make out the model...I was thinking B17 Narrow as that was orginial equipment. Either way, it will look nice on my Mk.II...
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