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I think I might be one of the founding members of The Cult. Spring of '77. Just moved to LA, and hadn't been on a bike since high school. Me and two friends rented bikes in Santa Monica and, after just 30 seconds, I knew I had to get a new bike. Found a cool bike shop near Burbank that sold Takara, Nishiki and Miyata. (Don't remember the name of the guy or shop, unfortunately. Real nice guy, though.) I ended up buying a pearl white Miyata. What a beautiful bike! Don't remember the model, but I think it was bottom of the line, or one model up. Nevertheless, that bike was a jewel, and quickly became my favorite possession. (Having just graduated college, it didn't have much to compete with.) Rode the Miyata for 6 years before selling it to a friend at work. He then rode it from NYC to Montreal.

Now, all these years later, I'm looking to rejoin the cult. If anyone learns of a 21"/23"/53cm 610 or 1000 in mint condition, let me know. That is, of course, if you're not looking for the same thing.

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