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She actually showed up at my door to look at one of my bikes, but I told her my bikes suck and to quick go buy this mixte...and then I got stuck renewing it. I offered to just becasue I had been interested in the mixte, but not interested enough to go to Mountain View and pay $100 - but I did want to play with it.

It had french stem/handlebars/mafac plastic levers that someone had switched out when it was new...a bike shop no doubt. It had a horrible plastic Simplex RD on it, which I swapped out fro the only thing I had that fit - a Huret. I sold her the stem, handlebars, RD, brake levers, new cables for $60 and a lube job for $50, and the price of some brake shoes, barwrap, and housing. I tried to talk her into buying a seat and a decent drivetrain...even just a SIS freewheel...but she didn't bite. I would have recommended last year's Veloce - it's cheap, and it works. I just don't even bother with vintage drive trains...htey just suck.

I told her that when she gets sick of the crappy shifting, to bring it back, I'd install upgrades for free. The bike was well worth investing money in.

It was amazingly light. I was really impressed, even withall the crappy parts on it. I didn't weight it but I would guess well under 25#. The Gran Prix mixte I had must have weighed twice as much. It was really small though - she was 5' 6" and could have easily ridden a mens bike.
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