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Originally Posted by vladav View Post
Re lower power in TT position:
I understand FTP (L4) will be lower in TT position. So it follows that for a short TT (3.6k) that power will also be lower, but is the effect more or less pronounced for a L5 paced TT? The same?
Positional power changes are individual. Some people cannot produce suprathreshold efforts in the aero position because you are not in a position of power (as you would be climbing or sprinting). Other people have a very solid core and find it easier to produce power (to a point) in the aero tuck (I am one such person...looks funny when you see me climb on a road bike and when I struggle I drop down really low). For some it is even across the board.

Best answer is practice your anticipated 3.6k TT. My guess is that it will be 4-5 minutes (VO2 max power) and so figure what you can actually do. If you don't have time to figure it out, just decrease things proportionately.

There. An answer full of nothing.
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