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Originally Posted by my58vw
So you were really spinning out your small ring hmmm!

Remember that average speed means nothing in a criterium. I can ride with cat 2 - 3 guys on Sundays rides too in a paceline. I realize that many of them are just riding tempo and if they wanted to lay down the hammer it may be over.

Criteriums are about accelerating, Road races are more about climbing and constant speeds. Just because you can hold 24 - 27 in a paceline does not mean you will be suscessful in criteriums.

Do not worry about getting dropped, we all get dropped. Use them to work on your speed skills, etc. The more you do the better you will get.
Not so much, if I'd been spinning out I'd have shifted. (I *was* spinning a high cadence, of course -- this season after a winter of indoor cycling I find that 100+ rpms are natural to me.) Since upgrading to 9-speed I find I've got a lot of gears to play with before I need my big ring. I can mash that big ring on the flat when I need to though.

My point was twofold. One is that everybody talks about even cat 5 crits routinely averaging 27. That would strain me even in a paceline. These guys, a casual group of about 20-30 folks, is clearly not quite up to that. If this group is going a speed I can keep up with solo, I am not too concerned about just hanging with them when they're not accelerating. And since I know what it feels like to attain higher speeds with the help of the draft, I've got every confidence that these lower speeds will be a breeze if I'm sitting in.

The other point is that if I get dropped, I can manage that same speed solo. I won't get dropped like a rock and I have a decent chance of catching back to the pack.

Probably because this is still super-early in our season, there's not a lot of effective pacelining or coordinated attacks going on. If I go now the effort is difficult but attainable for me, and will be a good training exercise. If I wait I'll probably be outclassed in no time.

Hold my breath...dive in...learn by doing!
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