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Hi Alison,
a few weeks ago I was posting about my first Crit. Since then, Ihave done 2 more, and have another one tomorrow evening. There has been a lot of sound advice, ie try to stay near the front, hold on as long as you can...when you are about to pop, the pace will settle and you'll still be in it, etc...

All of which is great advice. Kudos for you for going to watch. But the best advice... just go race. Sure you are going to be nervous, chances are you will get dropped. In which case, no worries, make your next goal of not getting lapped. Try to find another person who has been spit out, and work with them for as long as you can. If you get pulled, no worries. If you get lapped, no worries. Nothing can prepare you for the perceptual narrowing, the whir of the tires, the scared newbies acting tough (usually the one's yelling "hold your line."

Long in short, just go race. You will learn more in the first 5 minutes, then all the advice that anyone can give you here. I have yet to finish in the top 15 for SM4's. I'm not sure if I will at all this year. funny how much more competitive I am on the NORBA MTB Series.

I saw the best bumper sticker at a 2 weeks ago:
DFL is better than DNF, which is way better than DNS!

Cheers and be safe!
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