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Originally Posted by Daveyates View Post
I removed the gears because they were quite stiff to change and needed a bit of tuning. As i live in Paris and everything is relatively flat i thought one gear would be fine.
This set up works really well for me and the bike feels great to ride. I just have to figure out how i would go about taking off the cassette and just have one cog on there.
Paris is not that flat, reasonably flat, but one can find a hill or two, okay, a sprinter's hill.
I had a great time in Paris, happened onto Rue de Seze by mistake on a bike, first time I saw a clean autos in that city, with women who forgot to finish dressing under their mink coats waiting for a client sitting alone. Had fun talking to them, too bad it seemed they all were smoking, I guess it was a slow night, early October, the Fall strikes about to start.

Your bike does not have a cassette, it has a freewheel, you need a shop with someone who has a memory of old stuff, might try Alex Singer, but only take the wheel alone, he might get mad about the no gear plan, say you are going to repack the bearings, it probably needs it anyway.
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