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Online Vintage Bicycle Museum

Apoligies in advance if this was mentioned before; but I have been enjoying browsing this online museum at . I made some notes on some topics that came up last week in particular.

1891 Diamond-Framed Safety Bicycle - notice it also has a rear mounting step

1909 La Francaise Diamant Racing Bicycle (French) - check out the frame angles; compared to the 1950s or 1960s CCM Grand Prix shown in another thread, and original Michelin tyres.

1913 Velo de Dion Bouton - the history of de Dion Bouton illustrates how early automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles often came from a single manufacturer. The history of de Dion Bouton is linked with the founding of the Tour de France; as explained here.

1919 BSA Military Roadster - includes a history of the use of bicycles in war through 1919. It includes a picture of a stretcher patient being carried between two bicycles.

History of Indian motorcycles - showing their duel motorcycle-bicycle history. It states that

The reason American bicycles were made to look like scaled down motorcycles was that sales suffered greatly after the first bicycle boom ended around the turn of the century. Most manufacturers who remained in the bicycle market were forced to cater for the youth market. The caption ‘Just Like Big Brother’s Motorcycle’ in the 1920 ad below neatly summarizes the marketing strategy that remained in force for the rest of the century.

1932 Schwinn ‘World’ Motor Bike - motorcycle styling was replaced with balloon tire cruiser styling in 1933.

Lots of military bikes from World War II; including BSA folding "para-bikes" are also included. Lots of eneat stuff.

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