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First off, I rolled a tubie this last season, so I'll be gluing them on "Belgian Style" this season.

I probably won't be racing road this season. Maybe a few mountain races. No priority races, in any case. This should allow me to better prepare for CX season, as opposed to last year where I was burning at both ends, starting collegiate MTB season in September, moving in collegiate road in February, USAC road in July, and CX in October.

Started a training journal in February that really helps keep track of my workouts and identifying precipitating causes of illness, injury, whatever.

Finally got rid of my stutter step, just a couple weeks ago.

I was working with a new bike last season that wasn't completely dialed in, which led to a couple mechanical-induced DNFs. Those are now fixed.

Graduated in summer and started a new job, which is pretty physical in nature. I have also started rock climbing. And more core work. And a little yoga. The result of this being more upper body mass and core/back/shoulder strength. My training time has been reduced to about 60% of the time I was getting in last year, and has overall been flatter but with similar or increased intensity. I think with all of these changes I'll see some changes in myself as a rider, going from a scrawny endurance climber at 5"11 and 140, to a more power-based rider coming in around 150.

Start running a couple miles a week.

Keep working on those handling skills.
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