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body armor

hey all-

i am looking for some lightweight body armor that i can wear under my shirt while on the trail. i don't want a full jacket or "vader" suit, just some extra padding. i endoed last fall and cracked some ribs on my left side, which took a long time to recover. last week, i got taken out by another bike (dude lost control, slid, bike went skittering down the trail and clipped my rear wheel) and hurt my right side.

i'm looking at the sixsixone moto air vest and can't find any reviews or info other than the sixsixone website, which says it's available soon. i've found it for sale on other sites, but i was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. i know i could probably go with the race jacket or the rj lite, but i was curious about the moto air vest.

any advice or suggestions is welcome.

(i have done some looking through here, but still can't find anything on the moto air vest...)

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