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I don't know if I should add this, but I think the first tubing someone should buy is some 1" .035 wall and some 1 1/8" .058 wall 4130, cut the .058 wall into 1/2" 1" and 2" pieces and braze it onto the 1" tubes. When that is comfortable, you can buy whatever tubing you like. I really liked the Spirit for Lugs I used on my personal bike.

I'm actually going to do the brazing exercises myself with brass because I've never done any brass brazing with lugs and I would like to use brass on a fork I'm building.

I bought some Deda Zero Tre from Bringhelli so I could practice fillet brazing. It was as cheap as anything out there and seems pretty nice. A little nicer than the Nova ChroMo I bought.
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