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I've never really used a road bike as of yet but I have always wanted to because all of my other bikes i.e mountain,hybrid( I think) and such have gotten me places but not necesarily at the speed I wanted to get there because of chain problems with the speed at which I pedal which is a separate problem which I want to fix as well.

But besides that I've wanted to go on farther treks and a few friends who regularly go on half to full centennials said road bikes are the way to go but I've never ridden theirs on account of my body mass 6'2" and 215 lbs. and the possibility of screwing them up is just to much of a worry for me.

So I have used one of the body fit calculators provided by the site and I used the french fit it gave me for comfort since I'm not going to be too competitive and got:

Seat tube range of 57 cm C-C/ 58cm C-T

Top Tube Length 59-60
Stem Length 11.6
BB Saddle position of 69
Saddle-Handle bar of 61-62
Saddle Setback of 7.2

and I was wondering if the weight was taken into account though it did not ask for it.
I've looked on bikesdirect.com and found a 2010 Motobecane Fantom CX for about $560 and it has my size but I was wondering if there were and special precautions necessary since I'm a heavier guy.
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