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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I see the duplicate posting bug is back.
You seem to be particularly adept at catching it In hopes of not jinxing myself, I`ll leave it at that- wonder if I`m too late?

Half inch, one inch, and two inch pieces. I take it your suggestion is to start practicing on the shortest pieces and gradually work up to the longer ones? If that`s the case, you`re saying it`s possible to sweat filler all the way through a two inch joint? I really need to work on that too, since I`d really like to do some lugs eventually. So far the best sweating I`ve managed was only pulling the filer about a half inch, which I know isn`t enough for most lugs, but it was all the way through the pieces I was working on at the time. As soon as I get done with my current project I`m going into the lug practice business.
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