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Whenever I read your posts...I want to scratch out my eyes. As soon as txt went mainstream, people forgot how to navigate the QWERTY with regards to the punctuation and CAPS. I mean really thatsut...I know none of us are perfect...but we're not 14 years old either. Your posts are painful to look at. Ummm...spellcheck?

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
...im looking for a full suspension bike which packs/folds...enjoying the veiws on the single tracks but it a bike for touring thus the potability is importantant. now the touchy subject yes i know big wheels are much more comfortable for anything other than tarmac, however i am willing to comprimise here for portability and ideally would like a 20" wheel is possible. (gasp) yes 20" wheels

i have done a great deal of researh and know what i want so please only post a FS bike thats packs/folds. additionally do you think i could get away with smaller wheels on this frame? e.g. see image below. ANd do you know what model it is? and if there are any others that can do it?
I'm confused. No wait! You're confused. Do you want a bike to ride singletrack(s) or do you want a bike to tour? Being that this is a mountain bike forum, I only assume the former...thus a 20" folding dually is about as brilliant as kicking yourself in the twig'n'berries. If you've "done a great deal of research and know what you want"...why are you here? Positive reinforcement?

A 20" folding dually is as worthless as the blue one you see above. Terrible idea. Ask Google about Burro Bikes. They make a good portable 2" travel rigid dually. (it may take a minute...but you'll get it)

Looking at your other thread that you're baiting so much...you seem desperate.

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
210 views two comments.. did i offend some bromtoneers? really i keep telling myself its only a slight change
Desperate much?

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
hi gents & gals,

Would like some help in a name for my bike.

was thinking something along the lines of.... Ekahau.... "mayan god of Travellers", but is not very catchy but symbolically the mayan walked the longest from africa thus respect is due.

or ....hawk... because i often see birds of prey when I out riding my bike in th middle of nowhere and i think they are similar to the type of tourer i am e.g. solo, independant also free as a bird
Truly a visionary

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
"And what is that on the handlebar? It looks like a small torch pointing skywards!"
Folding torch and mount, when in use sticks out (see top photos) when bike is folded "point sykward". 900 lumen for country roads with no street lights at night when theres no moon light
I'd like to see the spec's on that torch...900lm is impressive and truly unbelieveable. Mine was marketed as 900lm, but the SSC P7 driven at a "fairly hot" 2.8amps is still only in the 700 range on a good day.

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
Come on guys anyone Know a FS "travel" aka "packable" bike?

Still desperate...engineer one.

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
I wanted some ideas advice etc did i come to the wrong place for advice?
You came to the MTB forum for touring advice...yet you've done "a great deal of research".

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
double post
Was this just so you can reply to yourself again? You're very good at that. Maybe you could give it a minute or two and see if people reply before giving yourself a "bump" back to the top.

Originally Posted by thatsut View Post
allen key to remove thredless headset which a seemed something is preferable so all stay on bike this enable removal of forks and bars. whells have QR.
It takes more than an allen wrench to remove a headset.

I'm done for now, but I really don't know about you, man.
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