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Is there an AA for me?

I am a clothes horse. I admit it. I have more clothes then I know what to do with. I wear some of them, I wouldn't even say most of them, holy cow... I need to stop. I wasn't always like this. Before (when I was really heavy) I didn't like/want to shop for obvious reasons. But now that I am thin (er) I am a crazy woman, I can't resist a sale, even if I don't need it. Just this year I have spent over $500 in clothes. If I add that to what I spent last year, mercy...I could have a really nice Bianchi in my garage, to keep my other Bianchi company. I am totally an impulse shopper, and I have heard of addictions like that. So that is what makes me think this might be a sickness of some sort. I like to look nice, in fact I am often complimented on how "put together" I am. But I think it's gone too far. HELP!! Not to mention I am getting the "we need to watch our spending" speech entirely too often.
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