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ok, i forget the exact name, but i have something similar from 661. when i was buying they had 2 different models and i can't remeber which one i got... i think i have the race jacket lite but there is also a half jacket i think.

anyway, the one i have is about 1/4 to 1/2" thick padded with holes for ventilation with a buckle-clip on each side just above the waist. it has removable shoulder pads (very small) and covers almost the entire front and back (goes below mid-stomach on me). and fits under most of my regular bike jerseys.

for XC i find it great as it is cool, light and ventilated enough to ride uphill and for XC but does give light protection - it won't save you from a major major crash but does provide basic protection and would probably change a broken-rib crash into a bruised rib and a bruised-rib-crash into nothing...

just for info: i also have 2 other 661 body armour pieces: the pressure suit which is great but VERY hot so i only use it for downhill lift-access. i also have another short-sleeve jacket which i use for most of my freeride tours. forgot the name, but it provides good protection but is a little too warm for XC.

Originally Posted by maelstrom
To behonest those would be about as usefull as putting on a t-shirt and a thick hoody...

moto-air vest is new. I doubt anyone has worn one. The only thing I have to compare it to was the race jacket, which looks to be the same material, and once I saw it in person, it looked pretty useless.
i'll have to disagree for once with maelstrom. yes, for downhill or any REAL stuff these light pieces are obviously no substitute for good protection, BUT when you are doing light XC stuff where a pressure suit is out of the question and the choice is between nothing or one of those long-sleeve jerseys with the elbow padding and a Race Jacket Lite... then the 661 Race Jacket i have is REALLY great.

anyhow, for XC i am totally happy with mine and i have also used the small shoulder pads (cut a corner too tight and nailed a tree with my shoulder and the Race Light prevented me from getting a scratch or bruise - naturally i would not have been severely injured without it as it wasn't a bad crash)

i think the half-jacket was more neoprene which looked to me to be hotter although i only saw it in the catalog.

@juniorcaveman: e.g. my Race Jacket Lite i could wear for Wissahickon in Philly where my other body armour would be overkill and WAY too hot. (although for Wissahickon i might not even need that - can't remember any other trail names in Phily at the moment)
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