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Fattest Tire on your rigid fork Hybrid?

Took my first ride on my new Michelin 40c TransWorld Sprints mounted on my '05 Trek 7300fx. It was a 22mi loop through downtown Atlanta and on the Stone Mtn bike path.

I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the Sprints on roads. They are noticeably slower (maybe ~2 mph slower with equal effort) and a touch noisier than my Conty 28c SportContacts, but very, very ridable. Aside from some quick veers onto some fields and packed dirt, I haven't got to evaluate them yet on gravel or trails.

Moderate turns are buzzy and NOT confidence inspiring due to the knobby edges, but otherwise, pretty quiet in general.

I did get tread rub on one 1-2" section of the tire against the left side of my front fork. When I got back home, I trued the wheel and eliminated the rub. The wheel was NOT that far out of true though, maybe <2mm in the offending spot. I think this 40c tire is the MAX I would recommend on a similar setup if you want to avoid any rub. Keep in mind that different tread patterns will yield different results.

My GF's 29er arrives this week. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with her on the trails this weekend!

What is the widest tire you can fit on your rigid fork Hybrid?
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