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Originally Posted by Daily Commute
They'd avoid perjury charges by saying that 1) the stuff they testified about happened before or after the taping; and/or 2) it was an honest mistake. On the second point, it's not perjury to be wrong when you testify, it's only perjury if you know what you're saying is false.

I'm not defending the cops--I'm just saying what would likely get them out of the perjury charges.

They can't claim number one because the officers detailed account had to do with the arrest and having 4 officers carry the arrestee to the van. The video captured the arrest and the journey of the arrestee to the van but it showed a different chain of events than the officer testified to. Unless the officer is going to claim they had to arrest and take him to the van twice and only one of the times was caught on video. If he can get away with calling it an honest mistake and no one has a problem with that then our justice system is more useless than I previously thought. How is claiming to be the arresting officer of someone you didnt arrest an honest mistake? How is fabricating a story and adding a slew of non existant charges to someone an honest mistake?
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