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Originally Posted by Travelinguyrt
Bunch o hypocrites...........pots callin kettles black
Totally ok for cyclists to blast thru stop signs and signals, no turn signals,and then to gripe about others breakin laws********************
Multi thousand $ bikes, no insurance, no liability, hit a pedestrian who pays??
Get real, and get some responsibility, then complain
Really strange reaction to all of the information being presented. I don't think anyone here would say that running stop signs or hitting pedestrians is OK, and I bet many CMers would recognize they were accountable if they did such a thing. I personally have never participated in the events, because I'm not totally fond of the more radical elements of the crowd, but I think anybody should have a right to ride their bicycles. And as a NYC bike-rider, I appreciate anybody who raises awareness of cyclist's rights in a NON-violent manner: we need it here.

As a law student, I think that policemen SHOULD be held accountable for lying, fabricating or misrepresenting the facts of cases in which they're involved, esp. if those cases involved locking up innocent citizens involved in legal protesting/free speech activities. None of the facts in these cases warrants any skepticism towards the reporters or the defendants; the cops plainly screwed up. The prosecutors's quick dropping of charges certainly shows how worthless their testimony turned out to be.

That get some responsibility bit really belongs on the Ayn Rand/Objectivist/Head in the Sand forums, not on a biking one: I think most people who decide to ride a bicycle for transportation, political statement OR fun probably have an inkling of the notion of responsibility. And the idea is NOT incompatible with the idea of protesting anyone or anything in the political establishment. Seems that remaining passive in your community/ignoring the wrongs committed by those in power is about the LEAST responsible thing a citizen can do.

...all IMO, of course.

And by the way, I don't think that, as one person suggested, the defense attorney would have been able to withhold the tape until the prosecutor had rested his case. Both sides are under obligations of rules of evidence to make the other side aware of any new evidence as its made available to them.
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