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I don't see how a Trek 7500 will be much different than a 7300 model.

But the bigger issue is what is making her uncomfortable?

Is it the overall fit? Is she stretched too far, hunched too much?

If her old bike is just a bad size, either bike you are looking at would be just fine assuming you get the right size and set it up just right for her.

If its more than that, it could be that she just doesn't feel comfortable on a bike. Bikes really aren't all that comfortable when compared against most other chairs or seats we sit in.

I know you mention trails and gravel, but if she really just doesn't like sitting on a bicycle seat, give some serious consideration towards a Recumbent.

Recumbents are expensive, more difficult to transport, and don't typically do well on anything but pavement/paths.

BUT, they are AMAZINGLY comfortable and offer a FANTASTIC view while you are riding. And you can still get a workout!

Most people don't know much about or see many recumbents but that doesn't mean they aren't the perfect bike for some people. Just an idea to put out there.
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